This page was exported from Free Download Braindump2go MCSA Exam Questions & Dumps with PDF&VCE [ ] Export date:Mon Feb 24 20:35:58 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016 Aug. NEW]Braindump2go Cisco 300-208 Questions and Answers Free Download 250q[NQ81-NQ90] --------------------------------------------------- !!!2016/08 Cisco Official News!!!CCNP Security 300-208 SISAS: Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions Exam Questions Updated Today! Instant Free Download 300-208 SISAS PDF & 300-208 SISAS VCE Dumps from!100% Pass Guaranteed!100% Real Exam Questions! NEW QUESTION 81 - NEW QUESTION 90: 1.|2016/08 Latest 300-208 SISAS PDF & 300-208 SISAS VCE 250Q&As:|2016/08 Latest 300-208 SISAS Exam Questions PDF: QUESTION 81Which Cisco IOS IPS risk rating component uses a low value of 75, a medium value of 100, a high value of 150, and a mission-critical value of 200? A.    Signature Fidelity RatingB.    Attack Severity RatingC.    Target Value RatingD.    Attack Relevancy RatingE.    Promiscuous DeltaF.    Watch List Rating Answer: C QUESTION 82Which two of these are potential results of an attacker performing a DHCP server spoofing attack? (Choose two.) A.    DHCP snoopingB.    DoSC.    confidentiality breachD.    spoofed MAC addressesE.    switch ports being converted to an untrusted state Answer: BC QUESTION 83When Cisco IOS IPS signatures are being tuned, how is the Target Value Rating assigned? A.    It is calculated from the Event Risk Rating.B.    It is calculated from a combination of the Attack Severity Rating and Signature Fidelity RatingC.    It is manually set by the administrator.D.    It is set based upon SEAP functions. Answer: C QUESTION 84When performing NAT, which of these is a limitation you need to account for? A.    exhaustion of port number translationsB.    embedded IP addressesC.    security payload identifiersD.    inability to provide mutual connectivity to networks with overlapping address spaces Answer: B QUESTION 85Which two answers are potential results of an attacker that is performing a DHCP server spoofing attack? (Choose two.) A.    ability to selectively change DHCP options fields of the current DHCP server, such as the giaddr field.B.    DoSC.    excessive number of DHCP discovery requestsD.    ARP cache poisoning on the routerE.    client unable to access network resources Answer: BE QUESTION 86When configuring NAT, which three protocols that are shown may have limitations or complications when using NAT? (Choose three.) A.    KerberosB.    HTTPSC.    NTPD.    SIPE.    FTPF.    SQL Answer: ADE QUESTION 87Which state is a Cisco IOS IPS signature in if it does not take an appropriate associated action even if it has been successfully compiled? A.    retiredB.    disabledC.    unsupportedD.    inactive Answer: B QUESTION 88Which statement best describes inside policy based NAT? A.    Policy NAT rules are those that determine which addresses need to be translated per the enterprise security policyB.    Policy NAT consists of policy rules based on outside sources attempting to communicate with inside endpoints.C.    These rules use source addresses as the decision for translation policies.D.    These rules are sensitive to all communicating endpoints. Answer: A QUESTION 89When is it feasible for a port to be both a guest VLAN and a restricted VLAN? A.    this configuration scenario is never be implementedB.    when you have configured the port for promiscuous modeC.    when private VLANs have been configured to place each end device into different subnetsD.    when you want to allow both types of users the same services Answer: D QUESTION 90In an 802.1X environment, which feature allows for non-802.1X-supported devices such as printers and fax machines to authenticate? A.    multiauthB.    WebAuthC.    MABD.    802.1X guest VLAN Answer: C !!!RECOMMEND!!! Braindump2go 2016/08 New Cisco 300-208 SISAS Exam VCE and PDF 250Q&As Dumps Download: [100% 300-208 Exam Pass Promised!]   2016/08 Cisco 300-208 SISAS New Questions and Answers PDF: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-08-02 07:26:54 Post date GMT: 2016-08-02 07:26:54 Post modified date: 2016-08-02 07:26:54 Post modified date GMT: 2016-08-02 07:26:54 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from