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Exam Code: 70-573Exam Name: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application DevelopmentCertification Provider: MicrosoftCorresponding Certifications: MCPD, MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010, MCTS, MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development70-573 Dumps,70-573 Latest Dumps,70-573 Dumps PDF,70-573 Study Guide,70-573 Book,70-573 Certification,70-573 Study Material,70-573 Exam Questions,70-573 Training kit,70-573 eBook,70-573 Exam Prep,70-573 Braindump,70-573 Practice Exam,70-573 Practice Test,70-573 Practice Questions,70-573 Preparation Material,70-573 Preparation Guide QUESTION 21You create a custom Web Part.You need to ensure that a custom property is visible in Edit mode.Which attribute should you set in the Web Part? A.    WebDisplayNameB.    WebBrowsableC.    PersonalizableD.    WebCategoryName Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Web Part is visible = WebBrowsable" The WebBrowsable attribute specifies that the decorated property should appear in the editor component ofthe web part. It only allows the end user to modify the property and does nothing about persistence.WebBrowsable will make the property appear in the ToolPane or EditorPart of the WebPart. WebBrowsable vs Personalizable in Web Parts QUESTION 22You plan to create two Web Parts named Products and ProductDetails. You create an interface that contains the following code segment.Public interface Interface1{String ProductId { get; }}You need to ensure that the Products Web Part sends Productid to the ProductDetails Web Part.You must achieve this goal by using the ASP.NET Web Part connection framework.What should you do? A.    Implement Interface1 in the Products Web Part.B.    Implement Interface1 in the ProductDetails Web Part.C.    Add a private set-accessor-declaration to the Productid property.D.    Add a protected set-accessor-declaration to the Productid property. Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Implement Interface1 in Products Web" Products Web Part sends ProductId; therefore, Products Web Part is the provider Web Part.Walkthrough: Creating Connectable Web Parts in SharePoint Foundation 2010 Provider Consumer Web Parts QUESTION 23You create a user control named MySearch.ascx.You plan to change the native search control in SharePoint to MySearch.ascx.You need to provide the site administrator with the ability to change the out-of-the-box search control to MySearch.ascx.What should you do? A.    Override the search delegate control by using a Feature.B.    Modify the <SafeControls> element in the web.config file.C.    Configure the SearchBox.dwp in the Web Part gallery,D.    Modify 14TEMPLATEFEATURESSearchWebPartsSearchBox.dwp. Answer: C QUESTION 24You create a custom Web Part.You need to create a class to log Web Part errors to the Unified Logging Service (ULS) logs.What should you use? A.    the ILoggingProvider interfaceB.    the SPPersistedObject classC.    the SPDiagnosticsServiceBase classD.    the ILogger interface Answer: CExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Unified Logging Service = SPDiagnosticsServiceBase"Logging to ULS in SharePoint 2010 QUESTION 25You have a custom Web Part that is deployed as a sandboxed solution.You need to ensure that the Web Part can access the local file system on a SharePoint server.You must minimize the amount of privileges assigned to the Web Part.What should you do? A.    Deploy the Web Part to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).B.    Elevate the trust level to Full.C.    Redeploy the Web Part as a farm solution.D.    Elevate the trust level to WSS_Medium. Answer: CExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Redeploy"Due to the heavy restrictions of sandboxed solutions, elevating the trust level is not an option, and neither isthe deployment of the Web Part to GAC. You can get broader permissions by using full-trust proxies, but it's not an option in this question. :) QUESTION 26You have a custom Web Part.You need to create a custom user interface for modifying the Web Part properties.What should you do? A.    Create a new Master Page. Implement the IControlBuilderAccessor interface.B.    Create a new tool part for the custom Web Part.C.    Modify the [ToolBox] attribute of the custom Web Part.D.    Create a new Web Part. Implement the IControlBuilderAccessor interface. Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "Tool part for the Web Part"What is a custom tool part?The Custom tool part is part of the web part infrastructure, that helps us to create a custom user interface forthe web part properties that goes beyond the capabilities of the default property pane.When do we need a custom tool part?Let's say, If we need to create a web part property of type dropdown, we need to create a custom tool part.This is not supported out-of-box in the web part framework. I've the similar requirement of creating a customweb part property of type drop-down.Create Custom Tool Parts for SharePoint Web Parts QUESTION 27You have a SharePoint site that uses a master page named Master1.master. You create a custom user control named MySearch.ascx. You need to change the default search box to MySearch.ascx. What should you do? A.    Modify the SmallSearchInputBox control tag in the master page, and then configure the ControlId property.B.    Modify the SmallSearchInputBox control tag in the master page, and then configure the ControlSrc property.C.    Create a Web Part that uses MySearch.ascx. In the master page, add a control tag that references the .webpart file.D.    Create a Visual Web Part that uses MySearch.ascx. In the master page, add a control tag that references the .webpart file. Answer: BExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "ControlSrc"Delegate Control (Control Templatization) QUESTION 28You create a Web Part that contains the following logging code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web;02 try03 {04 05 }06 catch (Exception ex)07 {08 09 System.Diagnostics.EventLog.WriteEntry("WebPart Name", ("Exception Information: " + ex.Message), EventLogEntryType.Error);10 }You discover that line 09 causes an error. You need to resolve the error.What should you do? A.    Run the code segment at line 09 inside a RunWithElevatedPrivileges delegate.B.    Add the following code at line 08:if (web.CurrentUser.IsSiteAuditor == false)C.    Add the following code at line 08:if (web.CurrentUser.IsSiteAdmin == false)D.    Change line 09 to the following code segment:System.Diagnostics.EventLog.WriteEntry("WebPart Name", "Exception Information", EventLogEntryType.Error); Answer: AExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "RunWithElevatedPrivileges"SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges Method QUESTION 29You need to connect two Web Parts by using the IWebPartRow interface.Which method should you use? A.    GetFieldValueB.    DataltemC.    GetRowDataD.    GetTableData Answer: CExplanation:MNEMONIC RULE: "iWebPartRow = GetRowData"Returns the data for the row that is being used by the interface as the basis of a connection between twoWebPart controls.IWebPartRow.GetRowData Method QUESTION 30You create a Web Part that programmatically updates the description of the current SharePoint site. The Web Part contains the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)01 SPSecurity.RunUithElevatedPrivileges (delegate()02 {03 SPSite currSite = SPConcext.Current.Site ;04 SPUeb currUeb = SPContext.Current.Ueb ;05 using (SPSite eSite = new SPSite ( currSite.ID ) )06 {07 using (SPWeb eWeb = eSite.OpenUeb ( currUeb.ID ) )08 {09 Web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;10 currUeb.Description = "Test";11 currUeb.Update ();12 eUeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;13 }14 }15 }16 };Users report that they receive an Access Denied error message when they use the Web Part.You need to ensure that all users can use the Web Part to update the description of the current site.What should you do? A.    Remove lines 10 and 11.B.    Remove lines 09 and 12.C.    Change lines 09 and 12 to use the currWeb variable.D.    Change lines 10 and 11 to use the eWeb variable. Answer: D Braindump2go Offers 100% money back guarantee on all products! Our products remain valid for a lifetime! 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