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New Question
Refer to the exhibit. What IPSec function does the given debug output demonstrate?

A. DH exchange initiation
B. setting SPIs to pass traffic
C. PFS parameter negotiation
D. crypto ACL confirmation

Answer: D
This Cisco IPSec troubleshooting guide explains details about every packet exchange during IPSec phase 1 and 2. Take a look at the section about QM2. It is exact match of the above exhibit.

New Question
Drag and Drop Question
Drag each MACsec term on the left to the right matching statement on the right.


New Question
IANA is responsible for which three IP resources? (Choose three.)

A. IP address allocation
B. Detection of spoofed address
C. Criminal prosecution of hackers
D. Autonomous system number allocation
E. Root zone management in DNS
F. BGP protocol vulnerabilities

Answer: ADE

New Question
When you are configuring QoS on the Cisco ASA appliance.
Which four are valid traffic selection criteria? (Choose four)

A. default-inspection-traffic
B. qos-group
D. VPN group
E. tunnel group
F. IP precedence

Answer: ACEF

New Question
Which two statements about the anti-replay feature are true? (Choose two)

A. By default, the sender uses a single 1024-packet sliding window
B. By default, the receiver uses a single 64-packet sliding window
C. The sender assigns two unique sequence numbers to each clear-text packet
D. The sender assigns two unique sequence numbers to each encrypted packet
E. the receiver performs a hash of each packet in the window to detect replays
F. The replay error counter is incremented only when a packet is dropped

Answer: BF
The sender never assigns two sequence numbers.
Check this Cisco document, especially steps 2 and 4 in the anti-replay check failure description

New Question
You have configured a DMVPN hub and spoke a follows (assume the IPsec profile “dmvpnprofile” is configured correctly):

With this configuration, you notice that the IKE and IPsec SAs come up between the spoke and the hub, but NHRP registration fails. Registration will continue to fail until you do which of these?

A. Configure the ipnhrp cache non-authoritative command on the hub’s tunnel interface
B. Modify the NHRP hold times to match on the hub and spoke
C. Modify the NHRP network IDs to match on the hub and spoke
D. Modify the tunnel keys to match on the hub and spoke

Answer: D

New Question
Which of the following is one of the components of cisco Payment Card Industry Solution?

A. Virtualization
B. Risk Assessment
C. Monitoring
D. Disaster Management

Answer: B

New Question
Which two statements about the DH group are true? (Choose two.)

A. The DH group is used to provide data authentication.
B. The DH group is negotiated in IPsec phase-1.
C. The DH group is used to provide data confidentiality.
D. The DH group is used to establish a shared key over an unsecured medium.
E. The DH group is negotiated in IPsec phase-2.

Answer: BD

New Question
Your 1Pv6 network uses a CA and trust anchor to implement secure network discover.
What extension must your CA certificates support?

A. extKeyUsage
B. nameConstrainsts
C. id-pe-ipAddrBlocks
D. Id-pe-autonomousSysldsE. Ia-ad-calssuers
E. keyUsage

Answer: A
Check this RFC for the source of correct information (start from section 7)

New Question
A server with Ip address is protected behind the inside of a cisco ASA or PIX security appliance and the internet on the outside interface.
User on the internet need to access the server at any time but the firewall administrator does not want to apply NAT to the address of the server because it is currently a public address, which three of the following command can be used to accomplish this? (Choose three)

A. static (inside,outside) netmask″
B. nat (inside) 1
C. no nat-control
D. nat (inside) 0 209.16S.202.150
E. static (outside.insid) netmask
F. access-tist no-nat permit ip host any nat (inside) 0 access-list no-nat

Answer: ADF


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