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New Question
If a router has 3 hosts connected in one port and two other hosts connected in another port, how may broadcast domains are present on the router?

A. 5
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: B

New Question
Which feature facilitate the tagging of a specific VLAN?

A. Routing
B. Hairpinning
C. Encapsulation
D. Switching

Answer: C

New Question
What does split horizon prevent?

A. routing loops, link state
B. routing loops, distance vector
C. switching loops, STP
D. switching loops, VTP

Answer: B

New Question
Which value to use in HSRP protocol election process ?

A. interface
B. virtual IP address
C. priority
D. router ID

Answer: C

New Question
Which of the following is needed to be enable back the role of active in HSRP?

A. prempt
B. priority

Answer: A

New Question
Which command is used to show the interface status of a router?

A. show interface status
B. show ip interface brief
C. show ip route
D. show interface

Answer: B

New Question
Which of the following privilege level is the most secured?

A. Level 0
B. Level 1
C. Level 15
D. Level 16

Answer: C

New Question
Which IPV6 feature is supported in IPV4 but is not commonly used?

A. unicast
B. multicast
C. anycast
D. broadcast

Answer: C

New Question
Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the IPv6 IP addresses from the left onto the correct IPv6 address types on the right.


New Question
Which range represents the standard access list?

A. 99
B. 150
C. 299
D. 2000

Answer: A

New Question
What to do when the router password was forgotten?

A. use default password cisco to reset
B. access router physically
C. use ssl/vpn
D. Type confreg 0x2142 at the rommon 1

Answer: D


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